Lipo-C Your Weight-Loss Best Friend

Weight-Management Program

Our Medical Weight Management Program helps you:

  • Optimize fat-loss

  • Build and strengthen lean muscle

  • Detect, prevent, and/or reverse onset Type II DiabetesDetect and treat any hormone deficiencies which lead to weight/fat gain

  • Defy Obesity and Defy Diabetes

What is Medical Weight Management?

Medical Weight-Management: A medical program designed to promote fat loss and increase muscle leading to improved body composition and a healthy total body weight.

There are three necessary components to effective fat-reduction and weight-management:

  • Proper Nutrition

  • Sufficient Exercise

  • Optimization of key hormones.

In some cases, the intervention of a medical doctor is needed to facilitate this process.

Schedule a FREE consultation with our Weigh Loss specialist today and lets start you down the path to a better, healthier you!

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